5 Reasons for Conducting Background Checks

Getting ready to hire a new worker is always a fun process. But when you hire someone new for your business, it can also be stressful. Finding out if a candidate is qualified for the job and checking their references is one of the hardest parts of the hiring process.

Conducting background checks on potential employees is an important part of checking references. Employers can find out about applicants’ past jobs, education, criminal records, qualifications, or suitability that may not be clear from their resumes and CVs if they do thorough background check.

Here are five reasons why employers should check a potential employee’s background:

1. Conducting Background Checks for Fraud Prevention

You can stop fraud by simply checking people’s backgrounds. There are many scams in the workplace, such as lying about employment or education, using fake names to get a job, or stealing clients’ names by pretending to be employees. Employers can catch these kinds of problems before they happen by conducting background checks during the hiring process and taking the steps needed to fix them.

2. Ensure safe and appropriate fit for the job

Every employer wants to make sure that when they hire someone new, they make the right choice. Background checks on applicants can help a business decide if the person would be a good fit for the job. For example, an employer can look at a candidate’s past work experience to see if they are qualified for the job, or they can check the candidate’s references to see what their past employers thought of them.

Certain industry rules require DBS Checks to be done in certain fields. DBS Checks are background checks that look at a person’s criminal history and give employers the information they need to hire people safely. Employers can use the information on a DBS Certificate to decide if a person is right for certain jobs that involve vulnerable groups.

3. Protect the business and the existing staff

Workplace health and safety is an important part of any business. If you want to keep your business and your employees’ safe, you should do a thorough background check on each applicant. Let’s say that someone has a criminal record with convictions that have something to do with the work that your business does. In this situation, you’ll want to make sure you have all the facts. This can help you decide if the applicant is qualified to work with customers or even if they are allowed to do certain things that involve customers who are vulnerable. Background checks are done on job applicants before they are hired. This helps employers figure out who would be safe to work for them.

4. Protect investors and customers

Conducting Background checks can also protect the investors and customers of a business. Researchers have found that background checks on employees make them less likely to be a financial risk. Estimates say that fraud and theft in the workplace cost businesses around the world about £2.37 trillion. The cost of background checks is very small compared to the amount of money you could lose if they weren’t done. This is because they help catch people who are trying to commit fraud or who aren’t good with money.

5. Ensure rules, laws and regulations compliance

Employers should do background checks on new applicants to help them stay out of trouble with the law and meet any legal or regulatory requirements. If you don’t do background checks on the right people, your business could be sued. It can also put people you work with who are weak at risk of being exposed to dangerous people who shouldn’t be around them. Before making a job offer, employers can avoid problems that could come back to bite them if they do thorough background checks.

Other Reasons

Background checks are helpful for a lot of different reasons. In addition to the ones we’ve already mentioned, we found that some of the most common reasons were:

  • Keeping people from leaving their jobs
  • Help prevent absenteeism
  • Trying to improve the reputation of an organization by using PBSA accredited screening provider

Even though these checks cost money, the total cost can be very small. Compared to the cost of a lawsuit for hiring someone who wasn’t qualified. Plus, it could hurt your reputation.

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