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InteliMasters has developed an International Background Screening platform that will help you identify the most reliable candidates for your organization. This program was tailored to align with the local labour laws and the different cultures and languages in order to serve your unique needs.

By choosing InteliMastes to conduct complete and professional pre-employment screening for you, you also ensure a safe work environment for your clients and employees.

Our serving includes screening in more than 150 countries and territories, and supporting applicants in more than 20 languages, while constantly expanding.



Employment/Education history/License check:

Verification of the candidate’s previous work experience, academic history and the authenticity of the provided diplomas or any  held professional license directly through the issuing authority.

Media/Public records/Internet search:

Provides any public or private criminal related articles, news/Social media and web search.

Criminal Records:

Verifies if the person has been convicted in any type of crimes or administrative offences in the country of origin or residence.

Credit Check:

Identifying any negative payment History or debts obligation.

Civil Litigation:

Verifies if the person has been involved as defendant in non-criminal local civil claims.


Identifying current or previous ownership, partnership or top-level management positions and any bankruptcy filings.


Check references through direct contact and based on a customizable questionnaire.

ID Authentication:

Verifies the authenticity and validity of an individual’s identity documents.