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InteliMasters knows the importance of employees within a company. Therefore, we count on secure, accurate and quick execution of our services to help you reduce hiring time-frame and speed up business growth.


InteliMasters considers compliance to be the core of our operations. Being legally compliant, improving operations and safety is valuable for each and every business that aims for long-term success.


InteliMasters helps businesses worldwide to identify and manage business risks, so they can make safer and faster hiring decisions. While focusing on core operations, we will handle the screening process for you.

Decrease Employee

Save tens of thousands of dollars and retain employees for a longer period of time within your organization.

Ensure Secure

Hire the best applicants possible and worry less about damaging your office culture and environment.

Decrease Negligent
Hiring Risks

Minimize the risk of potential financial and brand damages, hire with confidence and peace in mind.

Doing the right thing,
at the right time.










  • Debunking 10 Background Screening Myths

    There are many myths and much confusion surrounding the rules and regulations governing background screening checks when hiring. Here’s our top ten list of background screening myths which we repeatedly hear from our clients. We hope it helps dispel any confusion you might have to help you navigate successfully through the hiring process without too

  • Employment Up as Businesses Forge Ahead in Covid-19 Aftermath

    “In 2018, around 155.76 million people were employed in the United States. For 2020, an increase by almost 2 million employed people is expected.”– Statistica, May 27, 2020 After a staggering 20 million Americans lost their jobs between March and April due to the covid-19 crisis, forcing hundreds of thousands of businesses to close down,

  • Is Your HR Department Protecting You from Litigation?

    Your company could be liable if your Human Resources department isn’t complying with data protection laws. Leaking personal or private information about employees or even job applicants could spell disaster if your HR team isn’t taking appropriate measures to protect sensitive data.Companies are legally required to keep and protect any personal information about staff. As

  • Virtual Drug Testing Among New Background Screening Tech on the Horizon After Covid

    The ups and downs of the first half of 2020 have been a roller-coaster ride of change that has affected all of us as individuals and the world of commerce. Some are calling the far reaching effects of the covid pandemic a reset of the world’s financial system in which many businesses have had to

  • Upsurge in Demand for Background Screening as Recruitment Landscape Evolves After Covid-19

    The New Year brought massive change to most people’s lives and jobs as fear gripped entire nations facing the threat of a worldwide pandemic in the first few months of 2020.Now more than six months later, many businesses are only just getting back to normal, having made massive cutbacks to survive the crippling coronavirus impact.

  • European Data Protection Regulations Set to Tighten in 2020

    European leaders are pushing for the tech industry to tighten the bolts of data protection laws in EU member states with European Commission head Margarethe Vestager demanding stronger enforcement of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) policies.Fines for data protection violations have already cost companies operating in Europe more than €146 million ($163 million) within the