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InteliMasters knows the importance of employees within a company. Therefore, we count on secure, accurate and quick execution of our services to help you reduce hiring time-frame and speed up business growth.


InteliMasters considers compliance to be the core of our operations. Being legally compliant, improving operations and safety is valuable for each and every business that aims for long-term success.


InteliMasters helps businesses worldwide to identify and manage business risks, so they can make safer and faster hiring decisions. While focusing on core operations, we will handle the screening process for you.

Decrease Employee

Save tens of thousands of dollars and retain employees for a longer period of time within your organization.

Ensure Secure

Hire the best applicants possible and worry less about damaging your office culture and environment.

Decrease Negligent
Hiring Risks

Minimize the risk of potential financial and brand damages, hire with confidence and peace in mind.

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    What background screening mistakes to avoid? In today’s article we are going to take a closer look, so let’s get right into it. When companies hire employees or even contractors, they also take on some risks, some of which could be more expensive or harmful. There is always the chance that you will hire the

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    Getting ready to hire a new worker is always a fun process. But when you hire someone new for your business, it can also be stressful. Finding out if a candidate is qualified for the job and checking their references is one of the hardest parts of the hiring process. Conducting background checks on potential

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    Every employer has a story to tell of the worst hiring decision they ever made. They rushed hiring someone without conducting a background checks or they needed a new employee in a hurry and they seemed a perfect fit to fill a vacancy in a crisis. Sooner or later though the promising new recruit showed