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InteliMasters knows the importance of employees within a company. Therefore, we count on secure, accurate and quick execution of our services to help you reduce hiring time-frame and speed up business growth.


InteliMasters considers compliance to be the core of our operations. Being legally compliant, improving operations and safety is valuable for each and every business that aims for long-term success.


InteliMasters helps businesses worldwide to identify and manage business risks, so they can make safer and faster hiring decisions. While focusing on core operations, we will handle the screening process for you.

Decrease Employee

Save tens of thousands of dollars and retain employees for a longer period of time within your organization.

Ensure Secure

Hire the best applicants possible and worry less about damaging your office culture and environment.

Decrease Negligent
Hiring Risks

Minimize the risk of potential financial and brand damages, hire with confidence and peace in mind.

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  • Navigating the Minefield of Negligent Hiring

    Are you prepared to pay millions of dollars for negligent hiring? It may sound far-fetched but a negligent hiring lawsuit against a trucking firm in Illinois in 2019 resulted in a $54 million payout after a trucker with a highly dubious driving record crashed into a Jeep, seriously injuring the other driver, by driving the

  • What are the Latest Recruiting & Background Screening Trends in 2021?

    A staggering 22 million Americans in the country’s labour workforce lost their jobs between January and April 2020 due to covid closures, pushing the unemployment rate up to almost 15% – the highest rate ever recorded in the 72 years since data collection began in 1948 – and a year on, the rate hasn’t changed

  • National and International Criminal Records Check

    Wherever your recruiting location, local criminal records check won’t reveal that much about your candidates. You’ll have to cast a wider net with nationwide or international Criminal records check. To avoid the risk of employing someone that could potentially cause problems in the workplace. Or moreover has a criminal record history elsewhere that won’t show

  • Transatlantic Data Transfers: Don’t Let It Sink Your Business

    Handling personal data is a risky business. Personal data transfers outside of the European Union is even riskier. You could suddenly find yourself in court defending against allegations of privacy invasion. Even if you hadn’t intentionally done anything wrong. Lawmakers are continually testing, challenging and updating privacy laws. As terabytes of personal information flies back

  • Background Checks: 3 Key Benefits of Screening

    Big, small, local or international – whatever your business and wherever you are, industry leaders agree on these three key benefits of conducting background checks: Attracting and hiring better quality candidates Improving safety and security Meeting regulatory compliance What challenges do recruiters face? Hiring new staff is never plane sailing. You are dealing with individuals

  • Recruiting – Remotely or Face-to-Face?

    Productivity among employees improves when they are allowed to work remotely. Other benefits for companies that allow their workforce to work away from the office include cost savings, and a 25% lower staff turnover rate. However he key issue facing employers and recruiting teams is establishing that initial bond of trust without conventional interviews before