Pre-Employment screening

Pre-employment screening, what is it?

Pre-employment screening refers to a process in which an employer verify the history of a candidate, access their behavior and improve the odds of hiring the right person for the job, as well as for the organization.

It is used in the hiring process to narrow down the suitable candidates and eliminate the rest without the need of a traditional interview.

Types of Pre-employment Screening

Sometimes called a “Background check” or “Background Screening“, this assessment can help employers to determine if you can handle sensitive or confidential information and to assess skills that are relevant to the position.

Depending on the job, employers can perform more than one of the following common checks:

ID check – Verifies the authenticity and validity of an individual’s identity documents.

Criminal Records Check – Verifies if the person has been convicted in any type of crimes or administrative offences in the country of origin or residence.

Public Record Check – Provides any public or private criminal related articles, news/Social media and web search.

Education Verification – Verification of the candidate’s academic history and authenticity of the provided diplomas

Employment Verification – Verification of the candidate’s previous work experience

Reference Check – Check references through direct contact and based on a customizable questionnaire

Directorship and Bankruptcy Check – Identifying current or previous ownership, partnership or top-level management positions and any bankruptcy filings.

Civil Litigation Check – Verifies if the person has been involved as defendant in non-criminal local civil claims.

Credit Check – Identifying any negative payment History or debts obligation.


Employee screening can come costly, however statistically speaking the benefit easily outweigh the cost. An appropriate screening process can easily save you hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars in liabilities which may arise from negligent hiring lawsuits or proprietary information leaks.

Investigations are also conducted to uncover potential criminal behavior and character flaws that may put the employer in jeopardy, harm business’ reputation or endanger other employees.

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