Employee Screening

Employee screening? This is the next step for the employers to check the information provided by the shortlisted applicants. For any large company, undertaking the task of performing employee screening is a necessity. Whether you are on-boarding a new support specialist, or someone to fill executive role, you are vulnerable to risk. Hiring the wrong person can expose your business as well as your stakeholders, partners and current employees. Consequently to operate successfully it is your job to mitigate that risk.

Opening the gates for smart hire in data-driven world, and mitigating business risk

Nowadays as more and more companies are embracing “work-from-home”, the key to mitigate that risk is information.

In most cases, there is no reason for you to doubt the information on the resumes. However those that do make it through the selection process have been sufficiently impressive to grab your attention. With experience and work history that fits the job description it’s not easy to resist. Despite this it is often not enough to take the resume on face value. Now it’s time to delve deeper into the claims made by the applicant and position yourself to make the best hiring decision.

InteliMasters specializes in handling big volume pre-employment verifications and background checks. Our packages range from entry-level positions to comprehensive executive screening. Moreover we have developed a user friendly platform that we continually update to simplify the process and adapt to the fast-changing market requirements, and customers’ needs.

We operate by identifying the most authentic information sources and partner-up with them in order to obtain and provide compliant, accurate and detailed background reports in market-leading turnaround time. Nevertheless our program is tailored to align with the local labour laws and the different cultures and languages in order to serve your unique needs.

By choosing Intelimasters, you will get:

  • Global coverage
  • Online management system
  • Market leading turn-around times

Last but not least a partner you can trust.

Employee screening services:

  • Employment, Education, Reference, License Checks
  • Media, Public Record, Internet Checks
  • Criminal Checks
  • Civil Litigation Checks
  • Credit Checks
  • Directorship, Bankruptcy Checks
  • ID verifications

Also if the information above is not enough to make an informed decision you can get in touch with us.